Power Lift+

We call this our “non-surgical facelift”. This treatment targets those with a visibly slackened jawline, sagging cheeks, as well as those with a dull and fatigued complexion. This powerful lifting treatment will tighten skin and enhance the definition of your V-shaped facial contours. The multi-action Tripolar Technology delivers three effective technologies to address several skin issues at once. Radiofrequency and Advanced LED Technology both reach deep into the skin tissue to stimulate collagen for anti-ageing, resulting in an instant tightening effect, while vacuum suction enhances lymphatic drainage, eliminating signs of water retention and puffiness. This is followed by the signature TaraBliss Facial Detox massage to purge cellular waste before a jet of hyperbaric oxygen infusion therapy is administered to the skin, killing bacteria and speeding up a cellular repair for a lit-from-within glow.

Suitable for:
Ageing skin
Saggy cheeks
Fine lines & wrinkles
Slackened jawline
Open pores
Dull-looking & fatigued Skin


V-shape facial silhouette
More defined jawline
Radiant & plump Skin
Rejuvenates skin
Brightens skin
Lifts & tones skin


90 minutes



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