Anti-Ageing Treatment: Collagen+

To improve the appearance of sagging skin, look no further than this miracle treatment. Jet-pressured air, Pulse Technology, is used to create tiny openings on the skin’s surface, which helps collagen peptides to penetrate deeply for an instant wrinkle-filling effect. Visible signs of ageing are reduced as skin is instantly plumper, more hydrated, and feels rejuvenated. After just one session, the moisture levels in your skin are immediately increased, and your complexion looks smoother and more radiant.

Suitable for:
Loss of firmness
Appearance of wrinkles
Rough-textured skin
Dull skin tone
Slack & ageing skin
Stressed skin

Boosts collagen production
Improves skin elasticity & hydration
Soothes inflammation & redness
Plumper & smoother skin
Firmer & more supple skin
More radiant skin

90 minutes


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