Brightening Revival

Perfect for those who are prone to breakouts and dark spots, this treatment offers the double-action properties of papaya enzymes and marine peptides to combat overactive sebum glands and inhibits melanin production for a well-balanced and even-toned complexion. Dead skin cells are swept away using a high-performance blend of enzymes, so congested pores are purified, skin renewal is accelerated and dark spots and other signs of photo-damage are reversed. Your skin texture will be smoother, more refined, your skin tone more even, and your complexion more refreshed.

Suitable for:
Hyperpigmentation & dark sports
Sensitive skin
Dull complexion
Dehydrated skin
Oily & congested skin
Combination skin
All other skin types

Boosts collagen synthesis
Gentle exfoliation and elimination of dead skin cells
Fights free radical damage
Smoothes skin
Refreshes complexion

90 minutes


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