Light & Bright

If you have noticed that your skin is looking less radiant as you get older, or that you’re more prone to hyperpigmentation, then this facial is for you. Targeted at those who wish to lighten hyperpigmentation, treat age spots, fade acne scars, and brighten their skin tone, this treatment uses Dynamic Pulsed Light (DPL), a combination of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and laser therapy, to destroy melanin in the epidermis, improve skin tone and texture, help lighten acne scars, and soften fine lines.

Suitable for:
Hyperpigmentation & age spots
Acne Scars
Dull & uneven skin tone
Enlarged pores
Fine lines & wrinkles


Non-invasive with no down time
Lightens hyperpigmentation
Tightens pores
Stimulate collagen production & cell renewal
Rejuvenates skin
Adds radiance to skin





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