Our Philosophy

TaraBliss was founded to encourage everyone to take good care of their skin and health. We believe that detox and anti-ageing rituals are essential in letting everyone’s natural beauty shine through, both in mind and body. A person who looks good, naturally feels good. Our aim at TaraBliss is to give everyone the confidence boost to conquer life’s many challenges. As our lives become busier, it becomes even more important to carve out some time to slow down, achieve calm, and refocus our thoughts. Reclaiming our inner wellbeing is key to reclaiming outer beauty, and it is our hope that everyone who enters into the warm embrace of TaraBliss will walk out feeling blissful and beautiful.

Rejuvenation of the Body

Your wellness journey starts the moment you step into TaraBliss. Our treatments combine the latest skincare technology from the United States, and Europe, the safest and most effective product, with our signature massage techniques. Under the skillful hands of our estheticians, we are committed to helping you achieve your best skin ever.

Wellness of the Mind

A healthy body starts with the mind, and your overall wellness is our priority. As such, we offer face and body treatments that use pure, concentrated oxygen to speed up skin healing, and help fight the effects of fluctuating hormones. To complement our spa wellness treatments, we also frequently organise workshops for our members, across topics such as diet & nutrition to feng shui, chakra & tarot readings, and hormonal ageing management.

Bliss For The Soul

Situated in the heart of Singapore’s art and commerce district, TaraBliss is the perfect escape for the busy urbanite. From soothing music, color therapy, chakra-balancing aromatherapy scents, to our selection of wellness teas, and our signature lymphatic massage performed during your treatment, every aspect of our space and your treatment has been curated to help you relax, and clear your mind, body, and soul by engaging all five senses. In a world where everyone is perpetually connected and “logged in”, TaraBliss is a serene and safe haven where you’re encouraged to slow down, unwind, and re-centre yourself. Take the time to look after yourself, and let us show you how.