Hormonal Skin

The balance of hormones in the body affects the most fundamental body processes. The female body goes through dramatic hormonal fluctuations at different stages of life. From getting her first period as a teenager, to expecting her first child, to finally entering menopause her fifties. With each hormonal fluctuation, drastic changes occur within the body that manifest in the skin and a person’s overall mental and physical well-being. At TaraBliss, we offer solutions to help address these issues early and effectively, through our range of revolutionary, treatments.

From your late twenties to early thirties, the levels of collagen, hyaluronic acid and ceramides in the body begin to decrease. This decline is accelerated by a drop in estrogen levels as a woman enters her early fifties. As a result, her skin begins to lose its density, causing her to look gaunt, and tired as she loses volume in her cheeks and under the eyes. With age, skin also loses elasticity more quickly, resulting in sagging jowls and deepened nasolabial folds. With less natural hyaluronic acid in the skin to hold onto moisture, more women also start to suffer from dry skin. Fewer ceramides in the skin means that the skin’s barrier function can become easily compromised. That’s why as you get older, your skin gets drier, and its ability to retain moisture and keep out irritating particles in the atmosphere is compromised, and can result in flakey, and redness-prone skin.

To effectively manage menopausal skin, our unique facial treatments help replenish the skin with the nutrients and minerals it needs, and helps balance hormone levels in the body. Hormone levels in the body are regulated by a person’s various glands. Therefore, our treatments target these glands to improve their functions, thereby helping to balance hormone levels in the body, boosting recovery and self-healing. To help support the body’s self-renewal process, as well as specialised ingredients that help strengthen the skin’s barrier layer and target a loss of volume. Regular, targeted, hormonal treatment is gradually gaining popularity, given its ability to address age-related deficiencies in skin and body, and improving overall health in the long run.

Hormonal Balance: Power Up

Using patented skin-revitalising actives with powerful essential oils, this treatment is your go-to for fragile, tired, and imbalanced skin. We combine our signature Face Detox massage with an oil blend of dill, oil blend of dill, fenugreek, myrrh, marjoram and fennel to drive potent antioxidants deep into the skin, help balance hormonal fluctuations, and restore skin elasticity.

Hormonal Balance: Regulating Treatment

Specially devised to combine the regenerative properties of the Bio-Regulating Renewal Cream with the rejuvenating benefits of Indiba’s ProIonic action, this results-oriented treatment targets multiple skin concerns of perimenopausal women at once.

Hormonal Balance: BioCream + Magnetic Massager

Perfect for women who wish to restore volume, plumpness, and elasticity to their skin, this treatment replenishes the skin with essential nutrients while reducing lactic acid build-up and optimising skin’s self-regeneration.