Sensitive & Maskne Facial Trial @ $92 (U.P $288)

A revolutionary facial treatment that uses the hyperbaric method to infuse hyaluronic acid, peptides, antioxidants and vitamins into your skin effectively. Zero downtime with immediate results.


Wake up to clarified, hydrated and calm skin!



90 Mins Treatment includes: 

– Tired-looking skin
– Fine lines & wrinkles
– Sun-damaged skin
– Maintenance of youthful skin
– Before important events


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    – Sensitive skin

    – Maskne skin

    – Acne-prone skin



    + Calms sensitive & maskne skin
    + Increase skin resilience to environmental factors
    + Maximises skin hydration
    + Reduces dark spots
    + Reduces pore size & sebum production
    + Remedy electrolyte imbalances
    + Anti-Aging & antioxidant
    + Facilitates skin repair
    + Increases collagen production
    + Improves skin vitality & complexion

    + Anti-anxiety with deep inner healing


    Step 1: Personalised Skin Diagnosis by IOMA Paris

    Step 2: Intraceuticals Oxygen Treatment with Customised Serum

    Step 3: Customised Hydrojelly Mask

    Step 4: Rose Quartz Mask