I-Firm Bio-Regulating Renewal Cream PLUS

I-Firm Bio-Regulating Renewal Cream PLUS


An all-inclusive powerful essential cream, known as Omnipotent Micro-Circulation Cream, is specially formulated to rejuvenate healthy and youthful skin by improving face and body micro-circulation. With unique “40°C THERMAL THERAPY – MICROSKIN REJUVENATIST”, all precious formula are rapidly penetrate into deep skin layer and completely absorbed by the cells. It boosts metabolism and cell regeneration, purifies skin cell, absorbs free-radicals, removes acidic substances and enhances immunity system and sensitive skins. The upgraded MICROSKIN REJUVENATIST PLUS is enriched with SYN®-TC, which potently helps smooth wrinkles and increases elasticity, skin appears plumper and firmer, effectively reveal the overall young looking appearance.


– Promotes Micro-Circulation and Increases Oxygen Supply
– Decomposes Toxins and Removes Overly Acid in the Body
– Improves Fascia Stretching and Lymph Circulation
– Promotes Immunity System and Improves Sensitive Skins
– Helps to Restore Female Hormonal Balance
– Fight Against Free Radicals and Anti Skin Oxidation

Evening Primrose Oil, Boswellia Carterii Oil, SYN®-TC, Hydrolyzed Placental Protein, Fullerene C60

How to Use:
Dry Skin – Apply 1-2 ml to your cleansed face and neck area evenly.
Normal & Oily Skin – Apply 1-2 ml to your cleansed face and neck area evenly at night.
Lady Care – Apply 2ml to Axillary and neck lymph nodes and the ovary area.