Personalised Skin Diagnosis by IOMA Paris [Complimentary for Limited Time!]

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What everyone needs: A life-changing Personalised Skincare Routine

This Personalised Skin Diagnosis with IOMA Paris takes the guesswork out of building a highly effective skincare routine for your skin that no one else has!

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Duration: 20 mins

🔬 Uses NASA’s cutting edge technology to measure your skin’s characteristics precisely
Find out the current state of your skin at any given moment. We’re talking about the rate of hydration, fine lines and other dimensions that are beyond the surface of your skin.

🧪 Recommends bespoke skincare prescriptions & generates luxurious made-to-measure skincare formulas
Say goodbye to one-size-fits all products! It’s time to indulge in tailor-made potent skincare formulas such as the Mon that work wonders on your skin..

📈 The only superior machine in the industry that can measure the changes of your skin overtime
This means you’ll get to adapt your beauty ritual to optimise your skin health monthly!