Eye Sparkle : Anti-Ageing [Trial]


Eye Sparkle : Anti-Ageing [Trial]


Perfect for those who notice fine lines, a loss of elasticity, and dark circles around the eyes, try this indulgent treatment. It’s also perfect for those who travel frequently, lead high-stress lifestyles, or keep one too many late nights.

On top of a thorough cleansing and exfoliation routine, we use a three-step process that helps lighten dark circles, reduce eye bags and wrinkles, and strengthen the skin’s barrier to reduce inflammation, sensitivity, and support cellular rejuvenation.

In just one session, you’ll see immediate results. The eye area is instantly brighter, sagging skin is lifted, and dark circles are lightened up to 80%.

Suitable for:
– Puffiness around eyes
– Dark undereye circles
– Droopy eyelids
– Tired-looking eyes
– Fine lines & wrinkles

– Dispels toxins
– Strengthens skin barrier
– Reduces puffiness
– Improves skin elasticity
– Improves dark circles
– Improves microcirculation

Duration: 20 mins