Wish Pro Skin Rejuvenating Treatment

Get instant results with the world’s first and only encapsulated skin treatment. We use the revolutionary, FDA-approved Magnetic Infusion Technology (MIT) device to push skin brightening, firming, and other anti-ageing ingredients contained within the patented skin care capsules, deep into the skin for better penetration, and absorption. This 100 percent safe, needle-free, painless procedure makes use of mild electromagnetic fields, microcurrents and mild lasers to create a unique delivery system that pushes active ingredients directly into the skin cells. This allows them to work more quickly and effectively, repairing skin, boosting hydration, lightening pigmentation, rebalancing oily skin, firming saggy skin, and refining the facial contours.

There are 10 different capsule types for a variety of skin conditions, and you are able to combine up to 3 types per treatment. Consult our therapists to find the cocktail that works best for your skin concerns.

Reverses and slows down ageing process in skin
Reduces fine lines & wrinkles
Brightens & repairs complexion
Rebalances oily skin
Suitable for all skin types and conditions
Great for post-laser skin

Multiple Capsules Available :
All skin types & conditions
Anti aging
Skin rejuvenation
Improves skin tone & elasticity
Deep exfoliation

90 Minutes

$380 (per capsule)
Additional capsules are available as add-ons at $188 each (up to 3 per treatment).

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