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Aging Skin

Revitalize aging skin: Restore your youthful glow today!
Combat the challenges of aging skin with our tailored treatments and rejuvenating skincare solutions. Say goodbye to wrinkles, age spots, sagging skin, and dry and dull skin as we restore your skin’s natural moisture balance for a radiant, revitalized complexion.

Causes of skin aging

Understanding the factors that shape our skin’s aging process


Intrinsic aging is a natural process that inevitably occurs over time, and it is primarily linked to genetics.

Signs of intrinsic aging typically manifest as gradual dryness of the skin, the development of fine lines and wrinkles, and old-age skin pigmentation.


This is caused by environmental elements, including sun exposure, pollution, and blue light. It can result in premature aging signs like rough and thickened appearance of the skin, along with the formation of deep wrinkles. Additionally, it may lead to a loss of elasticity, dryness, and hyperpigmentation.


One’s lifestyle, encompassing daily routines and habits, such as diet, smoking, exercise, and stress management, significantly affects aging of the skin. For instance, smokers often display narrower and deeper wrinkles compared to non-smokers, along with a dull, greyish skin tone.


The skin is intricately linked to hormonal balance, with estrogen levels playing a crucial role in the aging process. Particularly noticeable among women, a marked decrease in estrogen during menopause can lead to rapid changes in skin appearance, often characterized by increased sagging.


Various health factors influence catabolic aging of the skin. Chronic conditions like hypothyroidism, cancer, or diabetes can impact the skin, resulting in symptoms such as dryness, itching, and increased sensitivity.

Our specialized aging skin treatments

Expert care for ageless elegance- solutions for all age groups.
gua sha

Gua Sha Detox Facial

Experience the rejuvenating benefits of our modern Gua Sha facial, combining lymph-flushing techniques for deep skin healing and immune system support with crystal-aided essential oil application.

This holistic approach not only lifts, sculpts, and firms the skin but also restores a sense of calm and clarity. 

Our personalized session includes a thorough skin diagnosis, cleansing, exfoliation, and extraction, followed by a Gua Sha face massage, a signature massage for the face, neck, head, and shoulders, and a customized mask.

Power Lift

Specifically designed for individuals with slackened jawlines, sagging cheeks, and dull complexions.

Utilizing Tripolar Technology combines radiofrequency and Advanced LED Technology to stimulate collagen production, instantly tightening the skin while enhancing facial contours.

With personalized skincare diagnosis, cleansing, massage, and targeted technologies, achieve a V-shaped facial silhouette, defined jawline, and revitalized skin with anti-bacterial benefits.

magic power lift
face yoga

Face Yoga Facial

Indulge in our skin-revitalizing treatment, perfect for those with hormonal imbalance, pre- and post-menopause, and stress-related issues. Our unique blend of essential oils, including dill, fenugreek, myrrh, marjoram, and fennel, combined with patented actives, rebalances hormones, enhances skin elasticity, and reduces fine lines.

Experience a personalized skincare diagnosis, cleansing, and massage, followed by a nourishing mask rich in botanicals and peptides for a radiant, supple complexion, addressing hormonal fluctuations and restoring skin vitality.

Face Gym Facial

Experience the transformative power of our medical-grade LHE and photo rejuvenation laser treatment, designed to stimulate collagen production and achieve a post-workout glow in just one session. 

This comprehensive procedure offers benefits, including smoothing fine lines, brightening complexion, refining texture, lightening hyperpigmentation, and reducing pore size.

With personalized skincare diagnosis, cleansing, massage, and a soothing mask infused with electrolytes and amethyst crystal, revel in rejuvenated, blissful skin and lasting results.

face gym
meridian fitness

Meridian Fitness Facial

Rejuvenate your skin and harness ancient TCM wisdom and essential oils to enhance energy flow and cellular regeneration. 

Experience improved circulation, sculpted contours, and lifted skin as the jade tool and Amethyst Crystals induce deep relaxation, reducing stress and promoting restful sleep.

With personalized skincare, cleansing, massage, and crystal holding, achieve a radiant complexion and holistic well-being, addressing concerns from skin tone to insomnia with natural efficacy.

Renewal Oxy-Hydra Facial

Experience skin rejuvenation and deep hydration with a Pure Oxygen Infusion and hyaluronic acid serum treatment, perfect for congested, dull, dehydrated, or aging skin.

This all-in-one skin renewal treatment includes personalized skin diagnosis, double cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, extractions, oxygen infusion, massage, electrolyte-infused mask, moisturizer, and sunblock. Benefits include anti-aging effects, energized complexion, radiant skin, and cellular regeneration. A treatment that is curated for all ages.

renewal oxygen hydra

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