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Dry Skin

Say goodbye to dryness: Nourish your skin back to life
No more living with the challenges associated with dry skin. Our personalised hydration therapies and nourishing skincare treatments address dry skin issues including redness, flakiness and fine lines. Restore your skin’s natural moisture balance for a radiant, revitalised complexion.

Causes of dry skin

Dry skin decoded: Your guide to a revitalised complexion

Environmental factors

Harsh weather conditions, low humidity, and wind can strip your skin of natural moisture.

Hot water & harsh cleansers

Prolonged exposure to hot water & the use of harsh soaps can disrupt the skin’s natural lipid barrier, causing dehydrated skin.

Age-related changes

Ageing skin produces less oil, making it more susceptible to dryness, leading to a loss of elasticity.

Skin conditions

Eczema & psoriasis can result in patches of dry skin. This is due to inflammation and an impaired skin barrier.

Underlying health issues

Conditions such as hypothyroidism and diabetes may have dry skin as a symptom.

Genetic factors

Some individuals have an unfortunate predisposition to dry skin & a natural tendency towards reduced sebum production.

Skincare overuse

Excessive use of certain skincare products can strip the skin of natural oils.


Some medications may have dry skin as a side effect. For instance, diuretics.


Insufficient water intake can impact skin hydration. This makes it more prone to dryness and dullness.

Unhealthy diet

Poor nutrition can compromise skin health – a diet lacking essential fatty acids and vitamins may contribute to dry skin.

Problems associated with dry skin

Dry skin can impact your confidence and well-being. From itching and irritation to flakiness and dullness, your concerns are our concerns. Our dry skin treatments are designed to restore your skin’s natural vitality and provide the comfort and radiance you deserve.

Itching and irritation

Itchiness and irritation from dry skin can lead to discomfort, potentially disrupting daily activities and even disturbing sleep.

Falkiness and peeling

Lack of moisture can cause the outer layer of the skin to flake and peel, resulting in an uneven and dull complexion.

Redness and inflammation

Dry skin may become red and inflamed, exacerbating the overall discomfort.

Fine lines and wrinkles

Dehydrated skin is more prone to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This may accelerate the ageing process.


Dry skin tends to be more sensitive and, hence, more reactive to environmental factors and skincare products.

Eczema & dermatitis

Prolonged dryness may contribute to the development of conditions like eczema, characterised by itchy, inflamed skin.


Dry skin can trigger pre-existing skin conditions to flare up. For instance, psoriasis or rosacea.

Dull complexion

Lack of skin moisture can result in a lacklustre complexion and affect the overall radiance of one’s skin.

Sensation of tightness

Dry skin often feels tight. The sensation of skin feeling stretched can be uncomfortable.

Vulnerable to environment

Dry skin often compromises the skin’s natural barrier. This makes one’s skin more vulnerable to environmental pollutants and irritants.

Our specialised treatments for dry skin

From dry to devine: Uncover the key to supple and hydrated skin with tailored solutions
camera ready

Camera Ready Facial

Focused on hydrating the skin with pure oxygen, hyaluronic acid and a cutting-edge serum, this treatment is ideal for nourishing the skin.

It penetrates deeply into your skin to rehydrate and kickstart the repair of skin cells

Renewal Oxy-Hydra Facial

One of the best treatments for dehydrated skin due to its deep hydration-focused components. The Pure Oxygen Infusion will recharge your skin’s cellular activity. A clearer and brighter complexion is yours with this all-in-one skin renewal treatment.
renewal oxygen hydra

Ready for skin revitalisation?

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