Hormonal Acne Treatment

“Your skin is very much ruled by your hormones, from adolescent years to pregnancy and menopause.”

Our range of revolutionary Hormonal Facial Treatments serve as a window into the health of your hormonal skin. Highly coveted by those who are looking to address the imbalances and achieve hormonal harmony, each treatment is targeted using the best cosmeceuticals products and innovative technology.

face yoga

Face Yoga Facial

90 mins | $398​
Rebalance your skin through patented skin-revitalising actives, allowing your skin to breath and foster harmony within our hormonal system. The go-to for fragile, tired, and imbalanced skin.

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clean pores

Clean Pores Facial

90 mins | $214​
Get your highly fluctuating skin under control with our award-winning treatment Hyperbaric Oxygen Botanical Solution combined and Magnetic Infusion Technology.

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bio regulating renewal

Bio-Regulating Renewal Facial

90 mins | $398​
The Ultimate Hormonal Balance Treatment that combines the detox properties of luxurious cosmeceutical ingredients and patented Spanish Prioionic technology to penetrate deep into the skin.

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