3 red dates a day to keep the skin glowing away!
3 Red Dates a Day to Keep the Skin Glowing Away!

Red dates, or otherwise known as Jujubes in the western culture, are one of the highest antioxidant superfoods

Traditionally, it is a popular health food in China where people treat it as a health tonic and herb. Known for its high concentration of fiber, minerals and vitamins, red dates are highly underrated ingredients with impressive skincare and health benefits. Here are 5 main reasons why you need to start integrating red dates into your daily diet:

#1 Anti-aging Properties

As the Chinese saying goes: “一天三枣,永远不会老”. Having 3 red dates a day can help to maintain your fountain of youth and defy the aging process. Not only do red dates help to reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkles, it also protects your elastin fibers and promotes the production of collagen in skin cells to support your skin structure. Being Vitamin C rich makes it a great anti-aging ingredient that neutralises free radicals which causes oxidative stress to skin and premature skin aging. Whether you’re looking to reverse the effects of aging or to delay any signs of aging, this superfood is definitely a go-to.

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#2 Revitalise Skin for Smooth, Glowing Complexion

Experiencing uneven skin tone, rough textures, acne scars or just lackluster skin in general? Red dates got your back! This power superfood with potent antioxidants and the ability to energize the skin with oxygenated blood can help to unveil brighter, smoother skin while enhancing the strength of the skin barrier. Containing pantothenic acid, it also helps to improve the skin from within and give you that radiant glow of every woman’s dream.

#3 Improves Insomnia and Calms Anxiety

Having trouble falling asleep? Or is your work stress keeping you up awake? Red dates might just be the answer to these problems. Touted by several experts as a natural sleep promoter, saponins (a type of flavonoids) in the fruit and seeds of red dates is a natural inducer that can lend a soothing effect to your entire nervous system to send you off to dreamland easily. Plus, it is great as an alternative medicine for stress management. Read more about other ways you can get a good night’s rest here.

#4 May Support Digestion

Red dates’ high fiber content may help to work as digestive aid by increasing motility in your intestinal system. Its extracts may also build up your stomach’s lining and intestines to prevent potential damages from ulcers and harmful bacteria, giving you a healthy gut.

#5 May Increase Immunity

Aside from combating oxidative stress on the skin level, red dates also help to fend off free radicals and decrease inflammation within your body. This helps to strengthen your body’s immune system Interestingly, red dates are also claimed to be potential cancer-fighting food where scientific studies have shown its impressive ability to kill off tumor cells.

How to Integrate Red Dates into Your Diet

For best results, consume 3 red dates a day. As dried fruits, red dates are great snacks with a chewy texture. Otherwise, you can combine it with water and goji berries, and bring to simmer for an hour. If you have a sweet tooth, consider adding in rock sugar or longan in your red dates tea.

Red dates may be small but never underestimate them

Packed with skin and health benefits, red dates are the perfect dose of daily nutrition so head over to your nearest supplement store now!

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