How to detox your mind before hitting the sack
How to detox your mind before hitting the sack
Are you having trouble sleeping or waking up in the morning?

Do these things and you’ll experience the best sleep of your life, and feel more energized when you wake up.
Keep your home dim. Melatonin is the hormone that helps you fall asleep. Your body starts making it in low light situations, so instead of having the overheads lights on, try switching to a lamp. Like how restaurants tend to serve food in low light in order to enhance your sense of taste and dim the other senses, a soft glow in the evenings won’t overstimulate your senses, and allow your brain to gradually unwind.

Make bedtime a ritual and stick to it. When you give yourself permission to take time to wind down, you’re telling yourself that it’s okay to relax and give yourself a break. After your nightly shower, you might want to light a scented candle and make yourself a cup of blissful herbal tea (camomile and lemon myrtle are soothing and comforting).

You could also try journaling. But if chronicling your day isn’t for you, snuggle in bed with a good book or your pet. If you keep this up, your body will soon be wired to recognise these as signs that you’re ready for rest and sleep, and you will find yourself falling asleep more easily.

Rethink how you regard your bed. Use it as a place of relaxation, of all kinds, not just sleep. If you get into bed only to sleep, you’re setting yourself up for more stress when you don’t fall asleep immediately. Read in bed, watch an episode of your favourite Korean drama, or even knit. Once you associate acts of relaxation with your bed, it’ll become easier for your brain to switch off and for you to drift off to la la land.

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