Optimise your body clock with 3 easy tricks
Optimise your body clock with 3 easy tricks
Sleep, work, and live better when you understand your body’s natural rhythm.
  1. Plan your tasks according to your body clock. Record the time of the day when you feel mentally and physically alert, and when you feel tired. Do this for the entire week. If you’re most energetic between 10 am and noon, schedule your most rigorous and challenging tasks then. You’ll not only get them done more quickly, you’ll probably do them better.

  2. Use light therapy to pep you up. If you feel tired in the afternoon, head outside for a short walk. Sometimes, a little sun is all it takes to wake you up.

  3. Eat the right things at the right time. Stop those cravings that keep you up at night by eating plenty of low GI foods, having alkalising snacks (like avocados and vegetables) before lunch, and snacking on protein-rich foods (like almonds) in the afternoon.
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