do you really need a separate eye cream?
Tarabliss #SkinQuiz: Do you really need a separate eye cream?
Short answer: Yes, you do. The skin around your eyes is thinner and needs more support than other areas of the face.

Why is the skin around your eyes different?

  • Thinner & more sensitive skin: The skin on your eyelids and under-eyes are the thinnest at only 0.5mm thick. When in contact with certain ingredients, the eye area is more prone to allergic reactions and irritation due to its delicate nature.
  • Prone to premature aging: Did you know that facial expressions, squinting and blinking can actually result in your eyes showcasing your first signs of aging? This is where crow’s feet can emerge and where wrinkles are the deepest.
  • Vulnerable to milia seeds: If you were to use the same daily heavy moisturizer around your eyes, milia seeds (tiny white bumps of hardened keratin) are often triggered.
  • Drier skin: As there are no oil glands in the eye area, it is more susceptible to dryness and dehydration. Without sufficient hydration, it is easier for premature fine lines to appear and resulting in an overall aged look.
  • Puffiness: It’s easy for water retention to take place in thin skin.

Do you need a separate eye cream?

Based on how different the skin around your eyes are as compared to the rest of your face, it’s clear that you definitely need to use a separate eye cream. The eye cream should deliver the same type of ingredients to your eye area as you would on the other areas. Its formula and doses should be gentle enough to not trigger irritation for the MOST delicate area on your face.

The skin around your eyes is still skin but since it is much more sensitive and delicate, it has other unique concerns. One of the concerns may be dark eye circles which is not necessarily the same as what you would address on the rest of your face. And since it is so prone to premature aging (fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet), you can get better results from a targeted eye cream with anti-aging and active ingredients, as compared to a face cream that is meant for overall hydration.

Eye cream ingredients you should look out for

For those who are looking to defy time to smooth out wrinkles or fine lines, pay attention to in strong anti-aging ingredients like Vitamin C and active ingredients like Retinol (Vitamin A)

For anti-puffiness and anti-dark eye circles, Vitamin K can stimulate tissue renewal and is a potent antioxidant.

For the ultra-dehydrated, a lightweight eye cream that focuses on Hyaluronic Acid can provide deep hydration, plump up the skin and improve its elasticity.

When should you start using eye creams?

The best time? The earlier the better.

Many women and men start using their eye creams in their 30s once they start noticing the first crease on the outer corner of their eyes. TARABLISS recommendation would be to start from your early 20s as we believe that the best results always come from prevention.

If you have extremely dehydrated skin or chronically puffy eyes, it would be best to kickstart your eye care routine even at a young age!

Your eyes are the windows to your soul so don’t neglect it and give it that extra attention. Now that you’ve completely understood why a separate eye cream is so important, it’s time to get your hands on one.

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