What is your birthstone beauty, based on your chinese zodiac sign
What is your birthstone beauty, based on your chinese zodiac sign
The lunar new year has arrived and you’ve probably checked out your Zodiac predictions to gain some insights of your luck and expectations for the year ahead.

Some of you can look forward to a smooth sailing year of breakthroughs while others may struggle with challenges. Ultimately, it is still important to focus on your skin for that major glow-up no matter what your life prediction is.

Indulge in our curated list of Beauty Birthstones according to your Chinese Zodiac Sign below to elevate your outer beauty and wellness!

Year of Rat: Amethyst

Ambitious and optimistic, Rats are able to easily adapt to their environments and know how to seize the right opportunities. Despite an overall excellent fortune in 2021, you still need to pay attention to your mental health and release those negative emotions that can take a toll on your skin.

Letting negative energy manifest inside of you can cause your skin to be dull, uneven toned and even inflamed. Take charge of your skin with Amethyst! Not only is this crystal known to ward off both negative energies and stress, it can help to promote clarity and relaxation. Its innate infrared rays can raise your skin temperature slightly to enhance blood circulation to calm skin inflammation. Another plus point is its negative-charge that draws out positively charged toxins and free radicals, detoxifying the skin to prevent bacteria growth.

Year of Ox: Rose Quartz

For those born under the Zodiac Ox Sign, 2021 would be challenging, especially in career and health. Oxes should prepare and ensure that they consciously engage more in self-love routines and put in the effort to maintain their skin at top health.

Use Rose Quartz as your Beauty Birthstone to achieve that luminous glow on your face! Get even better results when you use a Rose Quartz facial roller for lymphatic massages, help you to increase blood circulation. Oxygen will be able to penetrate deep into your skin, releasing trapped toxins while stimulating collagen production. This will ensure you look your best even when life gets challenging and stressful!

Year of Tiger: Citrine

Even though you are blessed with great luck this year with new breakthroughs, you are at risk of overworking this year and this can lead to long term adverse effects on your overall wellbeing and physical appearance.

Aside from exercising and eating healthily, your Citrine Birthstone can strengthen your skin’s barrier by helping with your skin’s renewal process. As the stone of light and happiness, it has regenerative properties that can also work as a skin alleviant for irritations and allergies.

Year of Rabbit: Moonstone

Rabbits are more prone to a weak immune system, resulting in frequent colds or an unhealthy digestive system. A sluggish immune system means that it will be harder for your skin to heal when wounded or recover from inflammation since new skin cannot be regenerated quickly. What’s more, an unbalanced digestive system due to stress, poor diet or lack of sleep, can cause your skin to be inflamed. Acne, sensitivity and breakdown of collagen will be prominent.

As a “new beginnings” stone, the Moonstone Beauty Birthstone can direct healing energy beneath your skin surface to help you achieve a rejuvenated look. When it comes in contact with your skin as a facial massage tool, it can unclog your pores and allow your skincare products to penetrate deeper into your skin layers.

It is also one of the rarer stones that help you balance hormonal cycles such as PMS, pregnancy and childbirth, in order to keep your skin in check.

Year of Dragon: Tiger Eye

Generally, the Dragons will be lucky in terms of career and wealth. For the single ones, you are encouraged to improve yourself and enhance your personal charm and appearance. This can greatly increase your chance of meeting someone with mutual attraction!

The Tiger Eye Beauty Birthstone will be perfect to help you maintain a youthful complexion, improving your skin texture and relieving stress built up in your skin cells. When used as a facial roller, it can reduce your facial puffiness and minimise the appearance of dark eye circles.

Year of Snake: Carnelian

Things will become easier for you Snakes, especially at work. However, there will still be a fair share of problems in your life, causing you to be more emotional and stressed. This can result in a vicious cycle of stress-induced inflammatory events and stress hormones, causing your skin to break out more easily, especially for those with blemish-prone skin.

What you can do to circumvent these potential negative effects on your skin is to practice mindfulness and inner healing with your Carnelian Beauty Birthstone. Its sense of higher energy and vitality can help you unwind, increase your skin’s metabolic rate and improve blood circulation to bring essential nutrients to your skin surface.

Year of Horse: Peridot

Horses will finally see fruition in their endeavours and even if you feel lost, you will be blessed with the assistance of others. However, the downside is your health may not be at its optimum with restless nights. Not resulting well can cause your skin to develop wrinkles, become dehydrated and lose its elasticity. We’re pretty sure being ;ess youthful and having little glow is definitely not the look you’re going for.

Enter Peridot. This yellow-green Beauty Birthstone can help you relax and ease into a good night’s sleep. Monitoring your sleep is essential to your daily beauty regime for a balanced pH level on your skin. This will prevent unnecessary redness, breakouts and flaky skin.

It also has digestive supporting properties to help nutrients assimilate better. And like we all know, healthy gut = healthy skin!

Year of Goat: Onyx

Year 2021 signifies large changes in the lives of Goats. You may experience major upheavals and be forced to make radical changes. When your wealth and career luck is lacking, it is easy for you to feel tensed up. Pay attention to your emotional instability this year as feelings of stress can wreak havoc on your skin.

Keep an Onyx Beauty Birthstone by your side to harness the energy of the natural mineral that supports your skin’s cell renewal and promotion of firmness.

Perfect for those sensitive skin or weak skin barriers that are prone to bacterial infections, this stone of power can bring amazing cleansing properties to the table.

Year of Monkey: Turquoise

You may be thrown off your game abruptly in 2021 but overall, it will still be a fantastic year for you. There will be moments where you need to slow down your pace, pause and be mindful in your thoughts to focus on your peace of mind. With the help of your Turquoise Beauty Birthstone, you will be back up on your feet in no time, with a better mind and better skin!

Turquoise can decrease nervousness and help to promote positive thinking, which will benefit you massively during your me-times. A master healer to balance hormones and stimulate tissue growth,  it can help your skin absorb nutrients from skincare better. For those with oily and congested skin, this stone can reduce your acne breakouts significantly with its detoxifying properties.

Year of Rooster: Garnet

It’s time to regain your personal authority and power this year! Persevere through the ups and downs to make it through this year with fruition to your endeavours. As for the corporate climbers, deep dive into opportunities for your leadership qualities to shine through. It may be be stressful and unbearable, but Your Beauty Birthstone, Garnet, can give you that boost of confidence to strive at whatever you are doing and bring you emotional peace to reset your skin (whenever you get unnecessarily stressed). It is the ultimate skin pumper you never knew you needed. Great at revitalising your skin’s surface, reducing toxins and promoting the absorption of vitamins and minerals, your skin will remain supple even during the tough times.

Year of Dog: Hematite

Volatility is prominent for the Dogs in 2021. But don’t give up making your life better! Try to stay out of disputes and focus on yourself more – starting from an effective and self-love skin care routine.

Integrating Hematite into your skincare can transform negative energies into positive vibrations, calming you greatly during stress and worries. The most important bit is that this mineral can actually work to stimulate collagen synthesis to tone sagging skin and restore skin density. Wrinkles can also be eliminated or tightened skin with its regenerating abilities.

Year of Pig: Aquamarine

For those who belong to the Zodiac Pig sign, some may experience pressure to both their emotional and mental health from both life and work in general. Pay extra attention to your wellbeing to decrease these negative energies or they will start taking effect on your skin.

A great addition to any skincare ritual, your Beauty Birthstone, Aquamarine, can promote that tranquility and clarity for some self-love. It is known for anti-aging to restore vibrancy and the fountain of youth to revitalise your complexion and aura. Simply place it near your skincare products to enhance the anti-aging properties of your products.

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