Gua Sha Face Detox [Trial]

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Widely regarded as “The Botox of the East”, this traditional Chinese treatment helps to tone and firm the support muscles on the face and neck. It also helps to stimulate blood flow, boost microcirculation, and draw out toxins from your body, thus harmonising the flow of energy for a radiant complexion.

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Suitable for:
– Water retention
– Puffy eyes and chin
– Lack of exercise
– Overindulgence of alcohol
– Fatigued and tired skin
– Dull & uneven skin tone

– Reduces puffiness on the face, especially around the eyes
– Improves skin’s vitality
– Boosts absorption of skincare products
– Rejuvenate skin
– Eliminates toxins & boosts circulation
– Increases hydration
– Creates a youthful glow
– Plumper, Smoother Skin
– Tighter skin

Duration: 90 mins