Skin Diagnosis
by IOMA Paris

Find out everything about your skin using NASA Edge Technology from France

It's Complimentary

Includes free IOMA skincare samples worth $38 and a Crystal Mask Healing Experience worth $108.

*Price excludes GST. T&C apply.

Unrivalled precision & Unquestionable results

Scientifically diagnoses the 7 dimensions of your skin's characteristics that are beyond the surface.

Get access to bespoke beauty prescriptions

Based on your diagnosis results, your own luxurious made-to-measure skincare formula will be generated - 100% personalised for your skin's condition. This medical-grade diagnosis is also able to capture the changes of your skin health and compare it from month to month, allowing you to adapt your beauty ritual for skin optimisation!

Made-to-measure mon sérum

Out of 33,281 possible combinations, your qunique Mon Sérum will be created in a mini, innovative laboratory within 1 minute.

Combining 7 actions into one serum, 4 dosages of concentrates are meticulously calculated to your skin's needs.

The only serum you'll ever need

Customise your facial treatments

Your skin diagnosis will show the most important skin issues to tackle immediately.

Our therapists will then customise your facial treatment with a myriad of ingredients and cutting edge equipment to target your skin's areas of concerns.

Say hello to clear, glowing and plumped up skin in no time!

Everything about
your skin