The newest dimension to skin health: Skin microbiome [Part1]
The newest dimension to skin health: Skin microbiome [Part1]
We all know how our GUT microbiome affects our skin but another dimension of skincare that is often overlooked is our SKIN microbiome.

Opening up a new dimension in skin health, many scientists have delved much deeper into the world of the skin microbiota and acknowledged that this might just be the key to enhancing your skin appearance and maintaining a fountain of youth. This focus on addressing the deep rooted causes of your skin conditions (such as premature aging, sensitivity & inflammation) rather than just the symptoms gives hope to many of us who are struggling with bad skin.

First and foremost, what is skin microbiome?

We know how you’ll get that icky feeling when you think about the word ‘bacteria’ or ‘virus’. Despite these microorganisms being associated with negative feelings, did you know that their existence are extremely essential to your skin’s health?

Your skin flora hosts a diverse array of bacteria, viruses, fungi and archaea that forms an ecosystem. Each organism carries equal importance in performing its capabilities to ensure your skin remains in top health. Essentially, your microbiome determines your skin complexion!

Why do I need to have a balanced and healthy microbiome?

A well-balanced skin microbiome creates an effective barrier to protect your skin from diseases while supporting a healthy immune system. The broader the spectrum of microbes you have, the better for your overall skin health and improvement in skin complexion.

Having excessive or insufficient microbes (otherwise known as ‘bacteria’) will lead to an imbalance that affects your skin negatively.

For example, acne can develop when there is excessive growth of Propionibacterium acnes and Malassezia — This happens when follicles on your skin become clogged with natural skin oils that promotes the growth of these microorganisms. Another example is that the bacteria S. aureus is more abundant on the skin of those who suffer from eczema.

What’s more, your skin microbiome can constantly change too!

Depending on the location, weather, age or gender, your microbiota is constantly changing based on both internal and external factors. A teenage boy going through puberty has a contrasting skin microbiome from a mature 50 year old man.

And since donning on a mask may just be a permanent thing for all of us, the heat, sweat, oil and dirt trapped between the mask and our face can greatly alter our skin’s flora. Maskne – the new skincare buzzword of 2020 – is the result of this phenomenon, with many of us suffering from it. Increased sensitivity, red inflamed skin and prolonged breakouts on the lower half of your face is so common these days.

This means that you need to consciously be updated with your skin’s condition and feed them the right nutrients to keep your complexion glowing, smooth and youthful.

One step closer to healthy skin microbiome with TARABLISS

Our TARABLISS Personalised Skin Diagnosis by IOMA Paris can help you measure your skin’s condition and even help you keep track of the changes on a monthly basis — the only cutting edge machine that has the capabilities to do so.

It uses NASA’s Edge Technology for both microscopic and macroscopic measures of your skin, while providing bespoke beauty prescriptions that are 100% personalised.

So what does this medical-grade machine measure? Hydration Levels, Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Lip Contour, Seborrhoea, Skin Barrier, Sagging Skin and Dark Eye Circles.

Knowledge is power. Having a comprehensive understanding of your skin’s needs makes your one step closer to a healthy skin microbiome, kickstart an effective anti-aging regime and take the guesswork out of your skincare routine.

Stay tuned for Part 2 where we talk about how you can support or restore your skin microbiome to let it flourish!

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