Sensitive, Maskne & Acne Facial

sensitive maskne acne

90 mins | $188​
This revolutionary facial treatment uses the hyperbaric method to infuse pure oxygen & nutrients into your skin effectively. Restoration of your skin barrier and increased resilience against environmental stresses can also be achieved.

Digital Detox Facial


90 mins | $215​
Accurately targeting your skin’s current needs, this personalised treatment features an all-rounded approach to fight against blue light and reduce skin irritation, inflammation & prevent aging. Clear out the digital noises in your mind at the same time!

Gua Sha Detox Facial

gua sha

90 mins | $215​
A modern Gua Sha approach, this crystal-aided with essential oil facial dramatically lifts, sculpts & firms the skin, as well as restoring a sense of calm, clarity & lifted mood.

Camera Ready Facial

camera ready

90 mins | $215​
Let the infusion of pure oxygen, Hyaluronic Acid and cutting edge serum / booster penetrate deeply into your skin through the hyperbaric technique to fully rehydrate and kickstart cell repair.

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