Hormonal Balance: Regulating Treatment

Specially devised to combine the regenerative properties of the Bio-Regulating Renewal Cream with the rejuvenating benefits of Indiba’s ProIonic action, this results-oriented treatment targets multiple skin concerns of perimenopausal women at once. Firstly, Indiba’s proionic action helps restore optimal cellular function, which supports collagen production and cell renewal for firmer, denser skin. Next, the nutrient-rich Bio-Regulating Renewal Cream infuses skin with antioxidants and oxygen, and tones the skin’s connective tissue. Lastly, factor in the signature TaraBliss facial detox which stimulates lymphatic drainage and toxins elimination and you can expect a younger-looking, more sculpted mien.

Boosts oxygen to skin cells
Aids in detoxification
Strengthens skin barrier
Firms and tones connective tissues in skin

90 minutes


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