When you want to feel uplifted

– Try lemon oil. Wonderfully fresh and citrus-y, this is always a crowd pleaser. Diffuse a few drops into the air and watch everyone’s mood lift.


When you want that warm and fuzzy feeling

– A little sweet orange oil, with its mild and sweet citrus scent, dapped strategically onto your pulse points, is happiness-inducing. A side benefit: it also helps to ease indigestion. We especially like mixing it with lemon oil in a diffuser. The comforting scent helps us unwind after a long week at work.


When you need to calm down

– Put a couple of drops of ylang ylang oil onto some tissue, and inhale deeply. This beautiful floral scent has plenty of skin health benefits (it’s great for regulating oil-production in skin) but we love it for its ability to reduce anxiety, and take away that tenseness in our temples.


When you want to sleep like a baby at night

– Put a few drops of sandalwood oil in your bath water, or burn a candle that contains this oil before bed. The woody scent not only acts as relaxant, it’ll also help you sleep more soundly.