Anti-Ageing Treatment: Rejuvenate+

For total rejuvenation, this all-in-one treatment targets skin volume, skin laxity, dark spots, uneven skin tone, and dehydration. The medical grade Light Heat Energy photo-rejuvenation laser used in this treatment can be calibrated to target specific concerns, including pigmentation, loss of volume, fine lines and dullness. However, it has zero downtime and doesn’t leave your skin sensitised. After thoroughly cleansing your skin and performing the extraction, your therapist delivers a precise amount of light energy beneath the skin’s surface, which initiates your body’s natural healing process to rebuild collagen beneath the dermis layer of your skin. This results in firmer, smoother skin while enlarged pores and acne scars are also reduced to give your skin a complete overhaul with no downtime.

Suitable for:
Acne-prone skin
Dull complexions
Dry & dehydrated skin
Ageing skin
Sensitive skin
Acne-prone skin

Calms irritated skin
Reduces pore size
Rejuvenates skin
Reduces redness
Lightens hyperpigmentation

90 minutes


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